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The history of the Handler Case in Maine Insights Magazine

December 27, 2012

The Handler case and how it could affect other families if action is not taken

Have Maine’s DHHS child-protective services improved?

DHHS fails to comply with legal mandates for kinship placement

Maine’s DHHS needs balanced transparency in child-protective cases

The lives of a family were turned inside out with DHHS involvement

The American with Disabilities Act should have protected Dr. Handler

Family moments shared: An interview with Russ and Ellie Handler

DHHS breaks Americans with Disabilities Act and constitutional rights

Transparency in child-protective services across America is working

Is justice blindly following DHHS determinations?

DHHS apparently had the objective of terminating the Handlers’ parental rights

DHHS and courts use mental disability of Ellie Handler against her

New grass-roots, online sites ask people to tell their DHHS stories and unveil the secrecy

Ground breaking case in Los Angeles, CA may set precedent for community based mental health services for foster care children

For more information about this supplement edition to Maine Insights newsmagazine please contact the attorneys for the Handlers: Joseph M. Baldacci: (207) 945-3333. Or write to the Handlers c/o Joseph Baldacci Law Offices, PO Box 1423, Bangor, Maine 04402-1423.

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